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        Our major products has SMC manhole cover ,gully grating , fiberglass flower pot , water meter box ,valve shaft ,cable bracket ,septic tanks ,kitchen sink , bath basin , washtub .
        As a manufacturer , we try provide our customer with high quality and competitive prices . Company spirit of "exploration and innovation, sincere service" the purpose, always adhere to product quality as enterprise life, to be honest and trustworthy business, the more stringent standard business management flow, traffic security escort for the mankind.【More】
        Contact:Mr. Bill
        Phone:+86 18822871603
        Tel:0086 0592-8261026
        Address:Tangtou Village Industrial Area , Luoyang District , Huian County , Quanzhou City , Fujian Province , China
        A15 Series
        B125 Series
        D400 Series

        The use of well cover

        only for pedestrians to walk or bike riding or green side…[More]